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As of Oct 27, 2020, our main entrance is at 1290 Coldrey Ave.

Important notice to clients about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Carlington CHC will be closed all day Monday, August 2. Programming will resume the following day.

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Board of Directors

2020-2021 Board of Directors


  • Linda Savoie – Chair
  • Anne-Marie Parent – Vice-Chair
  • Alex Bushell – Treasurer
  • Josée Charbonneau – Secretary


  • Stephanie Carpenter
  • Jacqueline Choquette
  • Isabelle Sirois
  • Christine Soon
  • Colleen Taylor
  • Nadine Valk
  • Hieu Vu
  • Jennifer Wilson

Past Chair (Ex-officio, non-voting):

  • Laurie Rektor

Staff (non-voting):

  • Cameron MacLeod, Executive Director (Ex-Officio)
  • Shannon MacIntyre

Communicate with the Board by email to .


Alexander Bushell

Alex has a strong focus on community involvement, having served on the Board of two community associations and on a Union Executive. Prior to joining the Carlington CHC Board in 2018, he was a member of the former Strategic Planning, Advocacy & Quality Committee. He looks forward to continuing his work on the CCHC Board during this time of transition in Ontario’s healthcare system.

A resident of the Centre’s catchment area, Alex has served the Board as Treasurer for the past two years and chairs the Finance Committee.

Stephanie Carpenter

Prior to being elected to the Board in September 2020, Stephanie spent a year as member of the former Quality Assurance Committee. She has worked for more than 15 years in health policy and social services and wants to use that experience and knowledge to contribute in her community.

Stephanie is particularly passionate about equity in care, accessibility, and working with at-risk populations. As a resident of the Centre’s catchment area, she looks forward to leveraging her experience at the community and national level to help within her community of Carlington.

Josée Charbonneau

Retired from a gratifying career in the Health Care sector, Josée continues to flourish as an entrepreneur, sharing her love of yoga and mindfulness with students of all ages. She devotes some of her free time to groups of children and their mothers as well as to adults experiencing mental health issues.

Since her election to the Carlington CHC Board of Directors in June 2017, as a Francophone, Josée chaired the former French Language Services Committee. She currently holds the Executive position of Secretary and chairs the Quality & Compliance Assurance Committee.

Jacqueline Choquette

Jackie grew up in Ottawa and is a resident of the Centre’ catchment area. She has been a member of the Carlington CHC Board since 2017. Jackie has a wealth of experience working in the provincial government and got her start in the public service as Executive Assistant to an Ottawa MPP. Having worked with various communities and stakeholders on local issues such as affordable housing, access to health care, employment and skills training, and community development, she knows the community well and understands the issues and opportunities before us.

Jackie believes passionately in Carlington CHC’s vision to create a healthy and inclusive community for all, and wants to continue working with the Centre to achieve that goal.

Anne-Marie Parent

First elected to the Carlington CHC Board in 2017, Anne-Marie remains committed to supporting CCHC’s vision and mission to improve, support and promote the health and well-being of our diverse community.

As a resident of the Centre’s catchment area and as a Francophone, Anne-Marie continues to bring her experience, qualifications and interests to the Carlington CHC Board.

Anne-Marie is currently Vice-Chair of the Board and Chair or the Governance and Internal Affairs Committee.

Linda Savoie

Linda Savoie is a management executive with significant experience in organizational transformation, partnership development and employee engagement. She has a proven track record conceiving and implementing innovative strategies in the delivery of various initiatives. Linda is a weathered communicator, is flexible and strategic.

Linda is a resident of the Centre’s client service area. Elected to the Board in 2015, Linda served as Chair since 2019.

Isabelle Sirois

Isabelle is a seasoned volunteer with considerable experience in the not-for-profit sector. First appointed to the Carlington CHC Board of Directors in 2017, she sees this as an opportunity to support a community-based agency with strong roots in the social determinants of health.

As resident of the Centre’s catchment area and a Francophone, Isabelle remains excited at the Centre’s involvement in a multi-centre joint strategic plan and plans to expand the reach of its services.

Christine Soon

Elected to the Carlington CHC Board in 2019, Christine is a resident of the Centre’s catchment area who is committed to promoting the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. Christine is passionate about improving the health and social needs of our community’s most vulnerable populations. She has been a dedicated volunteer and advocate for several years.

Christine hopes to contribute to strengthening and improving the Centre’s services and ensuring a healthy and inclusive community for all.

Colleen Taylor

A resident of the Carlington Community, Colleen is a champion of building and fostering partnerships at all levels. Throughout her career, she has worked in various capacities providing leadership, expertise and advice on the development of programs, strategies and policies.

Elected to the Board in September 2020, Colleen looks forward to contributing to the Board with the experience she has acquired during a career of more than 25 year in the health and social services field.

Nadine Valk

Nadine is a resident of the Centre’s catchment area with over 25 years of experience working for health charities and organizations. Her work has focused on developing collaborative relationships within complex multi-stakeholder environments in order to improve health and well-being.

Nadine served on the Carlington CHC Board from 2008-2011 and elected again in 2019. She has retained her passion for and commitment to the Community Health Centre Model.

Hieu Vu

Hieu has focused the bulk of his career in public service with regard to the health and safety of Canadians, in part due his belief that families benefit greatly from the support of their community.

He served as a board member and Chair of a non-profit board for over a decade and volunteers to help newcomers integrate into the community through the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OSISO).

Hieu works in the Centre’s catchment area and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2019.

Jennifer Wilson

As a member of the Board for the Carlington CHC since 2017, Jennifer believes that the key to the future success of the area is for the people who live and work here to come together to ensure that the continued transformation of Ottawa into modern city, respects the positive elements that make Carlington so unique.

Jennifer has watched with keen interest how the neighbourhood has grown and developed over the years, and she remains committed to making a contribution to the area both as a resident of and member of the Board of Directors.

Laurie Rektor

Laurie was first elected to the Board in 2013. Her 6-year tenure expired in 2019 and since then she has continued to share her experience and wisdom with the Board in the ex-officio, non-voting role of Past-Chair.